Thunderball Game Rules

Game Rules - What is Thunderball?

Thunderball is a British lottery that first started in 1999. The first Thunderball lottery draw ever was on Saturday 12th June. This lottery gets its name for the ‘Thunderball’ number, which is numbered from 01 to 14.

How to play Thunderball

To play Thunderball, pick your 5 numbers from 01 to 39, plus the Thunderball number from 01 to 14. In total, 6 numbers should be chosen or you can click “Generate” to let us pick your numbers for you.

When is the Thunderball draw?

Draws for this game are held every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Draws take place 4 times a week at 20:15 Greenwich Mean Time. Each Thunderball ticket costs £4.99 with All The Best Lottos.

What is the jackpot for Thunderball?

Top prize for the Thunderball is £500,000 for every draw. The jackpot can be won by matching all 5 numbers plus the Thunderball number.

How do I get a Thunderball ticket?

To play the UK Thunderball lottery, simply choose your numbers or press “Generate” to let us pick for you!

UK Thunderball Tickets are provided for the official UK Thunderball lottery, operated by Camelot Group. Tickets are subject to relevant draw.

How do I win Thunderball?

To claim a Thunderball prize, simply play your numbers, wait and check your ticket after the draw is over. If you win a small amount your account will be credited automatically by ATBL. If you win a bigger prize, our expert team will contact you directly to deliver your winnings.

About Thunderball

About - What Would You Do with £500,000?

Like a game that’s simple and easy to use? Welcome to Thunderball. Where the Jackpot is always £500,000. 4 chances to win per week and no splitting hairs nor funds. Play with us today at AllTheBestLottos.com

The History of Thunderball

Thunderball was played for the first time on 12th June 1999. The draw was originally only played on Saturdays. In 2010 the top prize was raised from £250,000 to £500,000 and 5 extra numbers were added to the ticket. You can now play Thunderball 4 times a week, on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Odds and Payout

Odds & Payout - How can I win a prize?

UK Thunderball has ten prize tiers that you win by matching the numbers on your ticket to the winning numbers drawn. You can win a prize by matching any one number chosen plus the Thunderball or by matching the Thunderball alone, but you must match all five main numbers plus the Thunderball to win the jackpot. Below you'll find all about the different ways to win, the odds of winning and how to claim any prizes.

Odds of Winning

The prize you win depends on how many of the winning numbers you match. The table below shows what you need to do to win in each tier, the odds of doing so, and the prize amounts before tax. Your overall chances of winning any Thunderball prize are around 1 in 25.

Due to the fixed Prize nature of the Thunderball Game, there is no rollover if the top Prize is not won.

Prizes are paid as per the underlying lottery results. Only one prize category can be won per order, which will be the highest of the available prize categories achieved by, and relevant to, that order.

Is the Thunderball Taxed?

The HM Revenue & Customs does not require taxation on any prizes won..

Match 5 numbers + Thunderball

Approximate Odds of Winning


Match 5 numbers

Approximate Odds of Winning


Match 4 numbers + Thunderball

Approximate Odds of Winning


Match 4 numbers

Approximate Odds of Winning


Match 3 numbers + Thunderball

Approximate Odds of Winning


Match 3 numbers

Approximate Odds of Winning


Match 2 numbers + Thunderball

Approximate Odds of Winning


Match 1 number + Thunderball

Approximate Odds of Winning


Match Thunderball

Approximate Odds of Winning


Match 1 number

Approximate Odds of Winning


How much is Thunderball?

Thunderball tickets start at £4.99 with All The Best Lottos. You can add more lines to your tickets for £4.99 over the same draw.

How do I check my Ticket?

After the draw, the winning numbers will be announced by Camelot Group. This information will be communicated to you through our mailing list. If you have won a major prize we will contact you directly. All results are also available on our website.

What If I've Won a Prize?

If you win a lower prize category this will be automatically credited to your AllTheBestLottos.com account. If you have won a major prize our Support team will contact you directly. 100% of any prize money you win will go directly to you.

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