Disputes are a fact of modern life. Explore the key standards we instil in our professionals as we work to resolve any issues that may occur.

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Our complaints procedure

Our internal complaints procedure has three levels:

  1. Firstly our Customer Service will try to resolve your complaint.

  2. If you have a query or complaint, please contact customer services using the Live Chat button on the bottom right of the screen.

    You can request a copy of the complaints procedure via email.

    A member of our customer services team will provide information and attempt to resolve your query/complaint. They may refer your query/complaint to another department for initial consideration and a person from that department will deal with you directly to find a resolution.

  3. Secondly, if your complaint has not been resolved at the first level, we will ask a manager to review your complaint.

  4. If the query is not resolved to your satisfaction by the initial response it will be escalated internally to director level and a resolution will be sought.

  5. Thirdly, if your complaint has not been resolved at the second level, we will ask a director to review your complaint.

  6. Further investigation of the issue may be undertaken and a customer service agent will keep you informed as to progress.

    A written proposal to resolve the query or complaint will be sent to you via email within 2 weeks of the reference to director level.

    The written proposal will constitute the end of the internal process with all reasonable avenues to resolve the complaint having been exhausted. If you remain unsatisfied with the outcome and wish to take the complaint further please inform customer services who will inform you how you can make a complaint in writing to IBAS via www.IBAS.com who act on behalf of our industry to review such matters and make recommendations. If you wish to use their service we will treat their decision as binding albeit you do not have to.

  7. And finally (or at any other time), you can complain to the courts if you feel that your complaint requires authoritative resolution.

  8. To register a complaint with us, please use the Website live chat help option or email [email protected]