Terms Of Service

We know it’s tempting to overlook this part, so we’ve tried to make it as unboring as possible!

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By interacting with our website you agree to adhere to our terms of service. Please ensure to read the terms and conditions carefully before engaging our service or registering on our Website. When you register on our Website or visit the Player Account, you as a registered player accept and agree to these Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy. The Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy are published on the Website and may be subject to change without notice at company discretion. The latest version of these Terms and Conditions will take effect immediately upon publication and should be reviewed by any users wishing to engage with the service on their next visit or login to the site.
  1. Introduction

    1. This client agreement (the “Agreement“), including any and all amendments current at this time of publication, is the document which governs the relationship between you (also known as the “Client“, “Customer“, “your“, “yourself”, as appropriate) and
      1. Holzman Limited Company, (also referred to as “ATBL“, “AllTheBestLottos“, “allthebestlottos.com“, “we”, “us”, “our”, “ourselves”, as appropriate) registered at 75, Prodromou Avenue, Oneworld Parkview House - 4th floor, 2063 Nicosia, Cyprus. payment processor for K.I.K. Corporation B.V, registered at Franshe Blomweg 4 Curacao, holder of Curacao EGaming License No.1668 JAZ.
      2. AllTheBestLottos is a real money lottery messenger site and an independent ticket purchasing service, that is not associated nor endorsed by the National Lottery Commission, Camelot Plc, MUSL, Sisal or any other official lottery operators. AllTheBestLottos provides information about leading worldwide official lotteries that are provided by independent official lottery operators, and enables “allthebestlottos.com” registered players to purchase lottery tickets for specific and separate Lottery draws by means of the Site’s messenger services. We also offer Services to Registered Players, all subject to and in accordance with these Terms.
    2. General Terms:

      1. Account - a player account on our Website
      2. Balance – the funds currently available in your account
      3. Ticket - an accepted Order
      4. Player/You – a registered player on the Website
      5. Excluded list – (i) any citizen of or resident in a country listed in the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) as posing a risk to the international financial system as set out in the ‘Countries’ section of website FATF-GAFI.ORG - Financial Action Task Force (FATF) under “High-risk jurisdictions subject to a call for action” and Jurisdictions under “Increased Monitoring” as of which vary from time to time by the FATF; (ii) any person listed on the financial sanctions list of HMRC, as varied from time to time; and (iii) any citizen of or resident in the United States of America, Curacao, the Netherlands and Malta.
      6. Number Picker - the means by which you make your Lottery number selection on the Website
      7. Order - each individual play that you purchase from us is treated as a separate ‘Order’ for the purposes of these terms and conditions, regardless of whether multiple lines are purchased at the same time
      8. Transaction – a payment made to purchase an Order. Transaction History may be viewed in the Player Account
      9. Pay Out - in respect to a particular prize category on a particular draw, the published payout of a lottery
      10. Prize - the prize that is received from a lottery for a Winning Ticket
      11. Bonus – Extra funds that may on occasion be placed in the Player's Account. Each bonus is subject to its own restrictions.
        1. Welcome Bonus – A bonus that is placed into a Player's Account upon registration and first-time deposit on the Website.
        2. Refer a Friend Bonus – A bonus that can be activated once a referred person has created an Account and made a first-time deposit of £10gbp or more.
        3. Promotional Bonus – random amount of bonus awarded directly to player's bonus wallet by account manager.
      12. Deposit – an amount of funds placed into the Player's Account
      13. Refund – a repayment of funds
      14. Real Money – Funds that can potentially exist outside of the span of the Website
      15. Bonus Money – Funds that cannot exist outside the span of the Website
      16. T&Cs – The Terms and Conditions listed on our website
      17. Privacy Policy – our Privacy policy
      18. Website - our website – allthebestlottos.com
      19. Winnings - the winnings relative to any successful Winning Ticket
      20. Winning Ticket - a successful Ticket
      21. Syndicate - a group of Members, participating in a Game specifically identified by a unique identification number.
      22. Member – a registered player that is a part of a Syndicate game or an ongoing Syndicate subscription.
      23. Share – A portion of a lottery ticket that can be purchased in a Syndicate game. Not to be confused with a ticket share in a Raffle game.
      24. Raffle - a lottery with a predetermined and limited number of combinations where tickets are split into “Series”, “Shares” or “Participations” in each “Series”.
    3. For your benefit and protection, please ensure you take sufficient time to read and understand the Agreement as well as any other additional information available to you on our Website prior to opening an Account and/or carrying out any activity with us. You should contact us for any further clarification you may require prior to partaking in this service.

  2. Your Promises To Us

    1. As a Player, You warrant and represent to us that:

      1. You are 18 years old or over;
      2. You have read and understood the Terms and Conditions;
      3. The details you provide us for the purposes of opening your Account are complete, true and accurate in all respects;
      4. You are not a citizen or resident of the Excluded List as shown in the General Terms;
      5. You do not already have a valid Account with us in your name or any other name;
      6. You will not open an Account on behalf of another person, with or without their consent.
      7. You are solely responsible to follow any and all laws applicable to your country of residence, including laws regarding the permission to play and open an account with our service. We take no responsibility for your attempt to violate or breach laws as applied in your residing country. We reserve the right to reject your account submission or to deactivate your account without warning if we feel you are in violation of country law, and will do so without any liability towards you.
  3. Your Personal Data

    1. Refer to our Privacy Policy available on our Website for further details of processing, storage and consumer rights.
  4. Your Documents and Information

    1. You warrant that any documents sent to us during your Account opening process, as well as throughout the duration of the Agreement, are valid and authentic. In the event that we believe, at our sole discretion, that any document you provide is incorrect and/or invalid, we will request alternative documentation. Failure from you to provide such documentation may lead us to take action as we deem necessary.
    2. As a Player you may be required to provide the following data during the course of, included but not limited to, the process of registration, purchase, or payout of Winnings: name, residential address, gender, date of birth, email address, telephone number, payment method data as well as other information relevant or necessary to access the services provided by AllTheBestLottos. By providing this data the Player grants AllTheBestLottos permission to verify the data provided, including age verification, directly through AllTheBestLottos or through specialized third-party providers. AllTheBestLottos is not responsible for failure of payout due to non-provision of data by the Player, or the provision of missing, incorrect, incomplete or expired data. AllTheBestLottos is under no obligation to verify any data provided or to make contact with a Player to complete or change incorrect, incomplete or invalid data.
  5. Your Payment Data

    1. You must ensure that the data you provide in respect to your payment method is complete, accurate and is not compromised, stolen or misplaced.
    2. You must inform us immediately if your bank or credit card or other specified payment method for your Account is lost, suspended or stolen or if your data security has been compromised.
    3. You must inform us immediately if your password or any other Account information has been compromised or infiltrated by any unauthorized personnel.
    4. You must ensure your payment data is up-to-date. We will not be liable to you for any failed transactions or additional costs as a result of expired payment information.
    5. Your transactions on our website may be conducted via debit or credit card, through our designated authorized e-wallet providers, or via an authorized third party provider. You may make deposits into your player account on our website using secure encrypted payment gateways. Payment via card is subject to authorization by the debit or credit card issuer. All card payments will be debited from the players' debit or credit card immediately upon deposit to the website or direct ticket purchase. Card transactions will appear on your billing statements as AllTheBestLottos.
    6. We will require identification data, known as “Know Your Customer” (KYC) from you for the purposes of anti-money laundering cheques once we accept a payment from you. These can be copies of your personal identification such as your passport, driver's licence and a recent utility bill, valid within the last 90s days. We may request up-to-date KYC information from you at any time with an accompanying completed form letter, of which we will provide for you to complete yourself.
  6. Your Funds

    1. You warrant that the funds you use to place an order with our service belong to you and are free of any lien, charge, pledge or other encumbrance, and
    2. the funds are not the direct or indirect proceeds of any illegal act or omission, nor are they product of any criminal activity which constitutes a predicate offence under the Money Laundering regulations or any other Anti-Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism legislations.
  7. Your Account

    1. You will have a username (email address) and password for your Account. You can manage your data from the “My Account” section, and also update or change your personal information when needed.
    2. You must keep your Account data (username and password) safe in order to prevent unauthorized use of your Account. You are responsible for all activities and transactions conducted through your Account.
    3. You may not have more than one Account. Equally, you may not use a third party’s Account. If an additional account or accounts are opened by you or by a third party on your behalf, we will be entitled, in our sole discretion to close any such accounts without notice and void any Orders made on them.
    4. It is your obligation to report any suspected fraud or illicit use of your Account to us and to take steps to prevent further use immediately (i.e. changing your password).
    5. You may close your Account permanently by contacting our Customer Service team, via email, phone or the live chat service. Any open or running Orders linked to the relevant Account will be completed before the account is closed, they cannot be cancelled once placed.
    6. We may suspend your Account and your use of the Website, if we believe that you no longer meet the requirements set out in our Terms and Conditions, or that you have provided false or misleading information or otherwise behaved fraudulently in connection with your Account, any payment methods or in connection with your use of the Website. During such period of suspension, you will be prevented from accessing or using your Account and:
      1. We may (but shall not be obliged to) investigate the event that gave rise to the suspension and we will be entitled to require you to provide all such documents as we reasonably require to verify to our satisfaction that you do not present a money laundering, criminal financing or other regulatory or fraud risk.
      2. We will determine whether an event giving rise to the suspension has occurred and we will be entitled to either; close your Account permanently (and we may choose to do so, at our discretion, either immediately or once any outstanding Orders are settled) if such an event has occurred, or lift the suspension of your Account if we determine such event has not occurred.
  8. Payment by you

    1. You can pay for your Order at the time you place it by either:
      1. Debiting funds already in your Account; or
      2. Using any of the payment methods available on the Website to add funds to your account and pay for your Order;
      3. It is not possible to pay for an Order with an insufficient, naught or negative account balance.
    2. You can add funds to your Account at any time using any of the payment methods displayed as available on the Website.
    3. With each payment transfer you authorize us or our appointees to debit the relevant amount from your person, using the payment method you have chosen.
    4. We will be entitled at our sole discretion to apply limits to your ability to deposit money into your Account and to place Orders.
    5. In case of a rejected payment attempt we may void or reject the acceptance of the latest Order and any further Orders.
    6. We are entitled to transfer any money claims against you, including fees incurred, to a collection agency.
    7. You agree not to incur any charge-backs, reversals or otherwise cancel any Deposits into the Player Account, and in any such event to refund and compensate AllTheBestLottos for such unpaid Deposits including any expenses incurred by AllTheBestLottos in the process of collecting such unpaid Deposits.
    8. We credit payments to Accounts immediately upon confirmation from our payment service provider of authorization of the payment or upon receipt of funds – whichever is foremost confirmed.
    9. The exchange rate may incur slight discrepancies in payment, according to the banking operator used by the Player.
    10. The credit balance of your Account does not bear interest.
    11. The credited amount deposited by you and the payable credit balance on the Account respectively are held in a bank account for our benefit and are therefore not protected and recoverable by you in the event of our insolvency.
    12. We are entitled to debit your Account with any extraordinary costs incurred by us throughout duration of its management.
    13. Winnings are subject to tax in certain countries. The Player is primarily responsible for the correct payment of any taxes, duties and levies that may be incurred during the process and collection of a prize. In the event that AllTheBestLottos is required to pay any taxes, duties or levies directly to a country's regulatory authorities in respect to processing a Player’s winnings, then said payment shall be deducted from the Player’s Account or will be claimed from the Player accordingly.
    14. Customer satisfaction money-back guarantee - this guarantee only applies to the initial Deposit from new customers or in cases where there are active promotions which make mention of this guarantee.
  9. Our Rights

    1. We will be entitled to suspend relevant Player Accounts and Players from the use of the Website with immediate effect, if we believe that a Player does not or did not meet the requirements named in our Terms and Conditions. In addition, we may be entitled to suspend the relevant Player Accounts and Players from the use of the Website, if we believe that:
      1. The Player has provided false or misleading information in connection with their Player Account, any payment methods or otherwise in connection with the Website and the services available through it;
      2. You currently maintain or have previously maintained more than one Player Account;
      3. You are involved in any fraud-related activities;
      4. You are or have been in breach of any other substantial provision of these Terms and Conditions;
      5. You have previously used the Website in a fraudulent manner or for illegal and/or unlawful or improper purposes including but not limited to reasonable suspicion that a Player is abusing or attempting to abuse a bonus, offer or any other promotion, or has previously taken advantage of any software error, software or system failure, or software glitch;
      6. We will be required if requested to suspend the relevant Player Accounts and Players from the ability to access or use the Website, if we believe that
        1. Any details of the Bank Account or Bank Card were, or have become, incorrect or if the card is reported as misplaced, stolen or becomes the subject of fraud,
        2. We receive a negative appraisal of creditworthiness on a Player, or any direct debit collection due from a Player is returned for reasons attributable to the Player,
        3. The Player used a shared payment method, ie joint banking account, without explicit approval from co-owners of the payment method.
    2. During the period of any suspension of a Player Account, You will be prevented from accessing or using your Player Account. AllTheBestLottos may investigate the event that gave rise to the suspension and we may be entitled (but shall not be bound) to solicit identification documents from You, the Player, as reasonably requested.
    3. Should we determine that the event giving rise to suspension has occurred, we will be entitled to terminate the Player Account in question permanently and may choose to do so once any outstanding Orders associated with that Player Account have been completed.
    4. Should we sufficiently determine that the Player Account has not violated our Terms and Conditions, the suspension will be lifted.
    5. If we terminate a Player's use of the Website for any other reason, we will notify the relevant Player by email using the relevant email address that was previously provided to us. In such circumstances, we will refund the payable balance held on the Player Account to said Player.
    6. We may withhold, delay or cancel any Winnings or Player’s funds from a Player if we deem in its absolute discretion that;
      1. There may be chargebacks in respect to the relevant Player Account,
      2. The Winnings stem directly from a chargeback or,
      3. The Player has partaken in any form of bonus abuse, attempted to cheat, deceive, defraud, is or has previously taken advantage of any software error, software or system failure, or software glitch.
  10. Playing Games

    1. Lottery Messenger Service

      Each Lottery Draw is performed by the relevant Lottery Operator, and when you choose to participate in a Lottery Draw, you should be aware that this is subject to the terms and conditions related to the specific Lottery Operator ("Lottery Operator Rules"). By placing an Order you agree to independently review and comply with the relevant, applicable rules. When submitting an Order through our website you as the Player accept the certain tools that we have available on the Site so that you can complete and submit online orders in connection with the Messenger Services offered by us with respect to Lottery Draws ("Orders"); engage with the third party ticket purchasing service and local representatives to locally purchase a Lottery ticket on our Users' behalf with Lottery Operators in accordance with the User's Order and if applicable, we will collect the winnings from the Lottery Operators and credit your Players Account and/or if applicable, please refer to section 15 “Specific Lottery Operator Payout Rules and Limits”.

      By placing and completing an Order, you the Player agree to allow AllTheBestLottos to act as a proxy in the Lottery draw(s) chosen by you and to distribute any winnings received from said Lottery. AllTheBestLottos will retain ownership of any lottery tickets purchased. AllTheBestLottos also acts as the sole distributor to the Player of any winnings obtained through Orders purchased by AllTheBestLottos and the corresponding lottery results in accordance with the relevant Lottery Operator rules and terms.

      In order to participate in the Lottery Ticket Service you must:

      1. have a registered, verified and active Account; and
      2. comply with these Terms and Conditions.

      If you wish to use our Messenger Service to participate in a Lottery Draw, you must use the Site Tools and you can play any of the relevant games offered by us as follows:

      1. Fill out and submit a Number Picker, press “Generate” to select a Quick Pick, pick a pre-selected Bundle, choose a Syndicate option, or pick a Raffle share or full Ticket.
      2. Include any Bonuses or ancillary plays, as applicable to the chosen game.
      3. Once completed, you confirm your picks and your ticket becomes visible.
      4. You can add further lines or draw dates to your ticket as you wish.
      5. Once you are finished, you can confirm your ticket choice by clicking the ‘Play’ option. This action will direct you to the My Cart section of the site.
      6. Press Checkout and Play Order to complete the payment. You will be given the option to pay using your Player Account Balance if sufficient funds are available. You can also pay by debit or credit card, or via Jeton eWallet. To access other payment methods available on our website, please contact our support department via email or live chat.
      7. Once your Order is confirmed, it is final and the ticket(s) purchased cannot be amended or cancelled by you, thus are not subject to refund.
      8. Your Order becomes visible in your Account once confirmed and we will also send you an email acknowledgement of the Order. You can see a list of your current and previous Orders in your Account by going to the Order section in your profile. Players can view all previous transactions under the Transaction section.
      9. The status of your Order will be visible in your Account.
      10. It is possible that an Order may be cancelled before a draw. If this occurs we will send you an email explaining the cancellation status of your Order before the draw and your transaction will be refunded back into your AllTheBestLottos Account.
      11. An Order Cancellation may occur if:
        1. We accept an Order with respect to a draw after its published deadline or after the start of the relevant draw; and/or
        2. We become aware of a genuine error in relation to your Order or related draw and are not able to contact you to correct the error or confirm the Order before the deadline or start of the draw; and/or
        3. We accept an Order from you and you have given us false, incomplete or expired information in connection with your Account or otherwise in connection with your use of the Website; and/or
        4. We accept an Order from you and you have been involved in any fraud-related activities in relation to placing an Order, the operation of your Account or otherwise in connection with the Website; and/or
        5. We accept an Order from you and, at the time of placing the Order, you were less than 18 years old; and/or
        6. You currently, or have previously maintained more than one Account; and/or
        7. Any fraud and/or technical and/or human error or unwarranted influence is found in conjunction with any of your Orders or a draw related to any of your Orders; and/or
        8. A draw is declared by a lottery organizer or co-organizer as being invalid;
        9. Then (in any of those foregoing cases) we shall be entitled, in our sole discretion, to void the relevant Order and any other Active or Pending Orders as we feel necessary or appropriate.
      12. The specific rules related to each lottery offered by us are set out on the individual lottery game page
    2. Syndicates

      1. A lottery syndicate is a group of individuals who choose to play the same number combinations together as a group. Syndicate games may also be referred to as group games. All winnings from lines played by the syndicate will be shared between the active Members of the syndicate, depending on the number of shares each individual has. A share refers to the percentage of prize winnings each member of the syndicate is entitled to in a syndicate lottery game.
      2. Users participating in a syndicate will receive an email directly after each draw informing them of their winnings. A Player can also log in to their Account at any time and check their latest winnings under Syndicates.
      3. It is your responsibility to ensure that You comply at all times with the laws and regulations set in the jurisdiction you are located or reside in and that you have complete and unrestricted legal right to use this Website, to register as a Player, to become a Member, join a Syndicate and participate in any syndicated game currently available on our Website.
      4. Our site offers customers to join Syndicates for lotteries and to share in any Prizes available if such Syndicates result in Winning Lottery Tickets. We form a contractual relationship with the Members of the Syndicate. The Website does not enable you to choose the Members of the Syndicate or the line entries in that Syndicate. You will not own any Ticket purchased for the Syndicate. All Lottery Tickets purchased are owned solely by us. Any Syndicate Shares not purchased by Members shall be owned by us. We will maintain a record of Members with active membership against every draw. This will calculate the Winnings and distribute them accordingly to each Member. We will also take all reasonable measures to ensure that each Syndicate has different lottery numbers from any other Syndicate but this cannot be guaranteed. In certain circumstances, duplication can and may occur and the Company accepts no responsibility whatsoever for a perceived reduction of Winnings, or otherwise in this event.
      5. We will organize the Syndicate while not promoting a lottery. We are not lottery promoters. We are not a gambling or gaming Company requiring a license from the UK Gambling Commission. We do not require a lottery operating license; Confirmation of this can be gained by visiting the UK Gambling Commission Website at www.gamblingcommission.gov.uk and reading the following; Lottery Sector, Lottery Syndicate, Example 1 - Syndicate organizer. We are not nor need to be regulated by the Financial Services Authority; a Syndicate does not amount to joining a collective investment scheme. Joining a Syndicate and being a member of any syndicate Game through the Website provides no guarantee of receiving any Winnings and we in no way guarantee you any return on any membership fees this Company may charge for your membership of or participation in any of the Syndicate games. We reserve the right without prior notice or liability, to provide any other type of alternative legally licensed lottery draw, in addition to or other than those specifically referred to in these terms and conditions or on the Site.
    3. Who collects the user’s funds.

      1. By subscribing to be a Member of allthebestlottos.com you will not own any specific Lottery ticket or line purchased by the Syndicate.
      2. Each Syndicate will have a specific number of Members specified at the time the Syndicate is created. Each subscription to the Syndicate equates to one “share“ in the Syndicate. Typically, all Syndicate Members will hold one share, although it is possible that one or more Members will subscribe more than once. If so they will hold one “share“ for each time they subscribe to the Syndicate.
      3. Your share of any Winnings or Prizes earned by or payable to a Syndicate will depend on the number of shares you hold in it. We may determine that Syndicates may involve different numbers of Members. ie: if a Syndicate has 50 Members and you hold one share, you will be entitled to 1/50 of any Winnings payable to/received by the Syndicate.
      4. Your participation in Syndicates will be administered through your Player Account, which will record all Tickets played by the Syndicate in which you participate as well as your share of any Winnings including those yet to be paid out to you.
    4. Raffles

      1. Raffle: A raffle is a gambling competition in which people purchase tickets for a chance to win a monetary prize in a draw set for a particular date.
      2. The Raffle number stated on said ticket that provides entry to the relevant Raffle draw is pre-selected and cannot be manipulated or edited during or after purchase by the Player, AllTheBestLottos or by any third person ticket service provider. All Raffle tickets are subject to the lottery messenger service provided.
      3. The lotteries based on the Raffle systems will have a limited amount of number and tickets to choose from, according to each lottery organizer’s rules
      4. Spanish operator rules are set in accordance with the Directorate General for the Regulation of Gambling (DGRG) and the Sociedad Estatal Loterías y Apuestas del Estado (SALAE)
      5. Each ticket for the Spanish Raffles is constructed as follows;
        1. “Decimo” - A single 5-digit Raffle ticket, also known as a “Tenth”. This ticket is considered to be a share of a full Raffle ticket, also known as a “Series”. The full number of “Decimos” to create a full Raffle ticket are subject to the terms of the lottery provider.
        2. “Series” – A full Raffle ticket that corresponds to the 5-digit number reflected.
      6. The specific terms and conditions relating to each Raffle type lottery offered by us are set out in the description of the lotto specified and can be found on the website.
      7. Raffles may be held on a permanent or occasional basis. The full list of permanent and occasional Raffles is as follows;
        1. Permanent Raffles are fixed to specific dates and times and cannot be altered.
          1. Lotería Nacional Thursday
          2. Lotería Nacional Saturday
        2. Occasional Raffles are subject to the specific time and date of a certain draw. The following Raffles stated are only publicly available on the website for a limited set time leading up to and the day of said draw.
          1. El Gordo de Navidad – Spanish Christmas Lottery
          2. El Niño – Spanish New Year Ephipany Lottery
          3. El Gordo Sant Valentin – Spanish Valentine's day Lottery
          4. El Gordo Verano – Spanish Summer Holiday Lottery
  11. Winnings and Settlement

    You will be informed with respect to Winnings from your tickets through your Account. We may also inform you by email. We will credit all the Winnings after publication of the relevant Pay Outs.

    1. We will ordinarily settle the Winnings via your Account. You will be entitled to use Winnings credited to your Account to pay for future Orders as they will not be distinguished from your ordinary funds.
    2. Any applicable taxes, duties or levies on your Winnings shall be paid by you. You are primarily responsible for correct payment of taxes, duties and levies on Winnings. However, there may be circumstances where the payment of such taxes are to be withheld from Winnings under local legislation or the onus falls to the operating company paying the winnings to the Player to collect such taxes. In those and any analogous circumstances you hereby authorise us and/or our agents to deduct such taxes or levies from your Winnings before payment of the Winnings to you, your Account or any other nominated account.
    3. You may withdraw any funds from your Account (i.e. including Winnings) via your chosen payment method. You should note that you will not be entitled to choose a different payment method to collect winnings to that which you paid for your Order unless for good reason (i.e. that funds cannot be returned to the particular payment method) and only when specifically authorised by us; this is likely to be subject to enhanced due diligence processes to prevent possible money laundering.
    4. We may require up to date KYC information before any withdrawal generally.
    5. You may withdraw a minimum of £25 per action up to a maximum of £2000 daily on your account. Bearing that you have available funds this process can be replicated as many times as deemed necessary (up to the daily cap) to extract the relevant winnings from your account to your credit or debit card. If you feel you are experiencing issues related to this you may contact customer support or email [email protected] for further enquiries.
    6. For all winning tickets purchased indirectly through our local representatives and third-party service providers:
      1. All winnings are payable in the currency of the lottery related to your Winning Ticket. We will convert small Winnings into the currency that you use to place your Order as a matter of course. However, for large Winnings, we will pay you in the currency of the lottery related to your Order. Please see section 15: Specific Lottery Operator Payout Rules and Limits for more details. If we convert the currency to make a payment to you in the currency that you used to place your Order, we will do so at your expense and charge you at the rate at which we are charged for the FX transfer plus a 2.5% administration fee.
      2. Large Winnings over £10,000:
        1. You may be obliged to claim or receive your Winnings in the country in which the Lottery that you have won is domiciled by presenting a winning ticket personally (in the case where we have purchased a ticket locally to meet our liability to you). So a prize for an American Lottery product may have to be collected in the USA and so on.
        2. In any given situation where you have to travel to collect your prize, we will make arrangements for you to ensure minimum hassle.
        3. We may at our entire discretion pay winnings with annuity or as lump sum.
        4. We may, at our entire discretion, pay Winnings into a bank account opened by either you or us in the country in which the Lottery that you have won is domiciled in your name.
        5. We may charge you for any fees we incur making arrangements to pay Winnings, this will include:
          1. Your travel and accommodation arrangements
          2. Banking costs
          3. FX transaction costs and administration
          4. Chaperone costs
          5. Tax/wealth advisors
  12. Other Rights

    We reserve the right to;

    1. Offset a Player's Winnings if any outstanding payment is owed by the Player to AllTheBestLottos or any affiliate;
    2. Terminate or suspend any Player Account, immediately and without prior notice, at AllTheBestLottos’s sole discretion; and
    3. Require that the Player provide identification documentation to enable us to satisfy the validity of Player Account details and the Player’s entitlement to the Winnings in accordance with our Terms and Conditions. We may withhold payment of Winnings until such matter has been absolved in its entirety.
  13. Website, Links and Banners

    1. We reserve the right to make changes or corrections to either suspend, halt or discontinue any aspect of our Website and the associated content, services or products available through it. Such changes shall not be applied retrospectively, however, in the event that such changes may affect Orders that remain to be settled, we shall be entitled to void such Orders and return the funds (repaid to the Account) or allow the Ticket to stand.
      1. We will not be responsible for any promotional links or advertising banners of third party advertisers.
      2. You must not misuse our Website by introducing viruses, trojans, worms, or other material that could be perceived as malicious or harmful.
      3. We will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by a denial-of-service, viruses or other harmful material that may impede your use of our Website or directly affect your computer, laptop or other devices, programs, data or other material as a result of using the Website or any website directly affiliated.
      4. While we endeavor to always ensure that the information on our Website is correct, we do not warrant the accuracy or completeness. The Website may contain errors or inaccuracies, or information that could be considered antiquated, for which we will not be liable.
      5. The contents of the Website are protected by copyright laws and other intellectual property rights. We are the owners of these rights along with our affiliates and other third party licensors. All products and company names and logos mentioned on the Website are the trademarks, service marks or trading names of their respective owners, including us.
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  14. Player Protection

    We offer several Responsible Gambling tools such as Self-Exclusion and Spending Limits. A request for any of these can be made through our Customer Support team via [email protected]

  15. Complaints

    Our internal complaints procedure has three levels:

    1. Firstly our Customer Service will try to resolve your complaint.
    2. Secondly, if your complaint has not been resolved at the first level, we will ask a manager to review your complaint.
    3. Finally, if your complaint has not been resolved at the second level, we will ask a director to review your complaint.
    4. Further investigation of the issue may be undertaken and a customer service agent will keep you informed of its progress.
    5. A written proposal to resolve the query or complaint will be sent to you via email or phone, within 2 weeks if our procedure references mention director involvement.
    6. You can complain to the courts if you feel that your complaint requires an authoritative resolution.
    7. To register a complaint with us, please use the Website live chat help option or email [email protected]
  16. Limitation of Our Liability

    1. We will not be liable to you, whether in contract, tort (including negligence, breach of statutory duty or other tort) or otherwise:
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      3. These T&Cs do not affect our liability for cases of death and injury to persons because of our negligence or fraudulent misrepresentations.
  17. Force Majeure

    Without prejudice to any other provision of these T&Cs, we shall not be liable to you for any reason if our obligations to you have been affected by:

    1. Any event beyond our reasonable control including without limitation, any act of God, actual or threatened war or other threat or challenge to governmental authority, confiscation, nationalization, requisition or destruction of or damage to property by or under the order of any Government or public or local authority, strike, lockout, industrial action, fire, flood, drought, tempest, power cut and/or failure or obstruction of any network, broadcasting or telecommunications service;
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    3. Delays, losses, errors or omissions in or made by the postal or other delivery service or by the banking system;
    4. Any other action or event that prevents or hinders the acceptance of an Order;
    5. Losses caused for misuse or unauthorized use of passwords, money lost by placing Orders and failure or malfunction of the equipment or technology of the relevant Player or their Internet service provider.
    6. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions affects our liability for cases of death and personal injury due to the negligence of AllTheBestLottos.
  18. Website up-time

    1. Whilst we try to ensure that the Website and the services available through it are continuously available we do not guarantee that:
      1. the Website will be available at any specific time or for any specific period;
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      4. In addition, we do not warrant that any alerts or notifications you may choose to subscribe to will be provided in advance of any deadline for placing an Order and we shall have no liability if any such alerts or notifications are incorrect, delayed or are not sent out or not received.
      5. We will use our reasonable endeavors to ensure that results and Pay Outs notified and any Winnings paid are correct. We shall have no liability for errors which are discovered only after Winnings have been paid out where such error is based on incorrect information that is published by the official lottery or their websites.
  19. Dormant Accounts

    1. We shall be entitled to suspend your Account, if more than one year has passed since your last transaction (upon which your Account is then treated as ‘dormant’). We will then contact you via email or telephone to notify you that your Account is dormant. If you do not reply and/or the Account remains dormant within a period of 10 days after our attempts to contact you, we will not be obliged to pursue further contact with you and will be entitled to charge you a fee for holding the unused Account equal to the value of the funds remaining in the Account and then close the Account.
  20. Miscellaneous Provisions

    1. Where these T&Cs are published in several languages, the English version of these T&Cs will supersede and take precedence over any conflicting elements with other languages.
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      3. Directors, officers, employees (and their immediate family members) of AllTheBestLottos may not open an Account or place an Order with us.
      4. If any provision of these T&Cs is held to be invalid or unenforceable by any judicial or other competent authority, all other provisions of these T&Cs will remain in full force and effect and will not in any way be impaired.
      5. If any provision of these T&Cs is held to be invalid or unenforceable but would be valid or enforceable if some part of the provision were deleted, the provision in question will apply with the minimum modifications necessary to make it valid and enforceable.
      6. Any notices under these T&Cs are to be sent and received by email. For this purpose:
        1. Notices to us should be sent to: [email protected]
        2. We will send notices to customers at the email address specified in their Account.
      7. We may, but you may not, assign our rights and/or transfer, sub-contract or delegate any of our obligations to you (under these T&Cs or any related contractual relationship).
      8. Any omission to exercise, or delay in exercising, any right or remedy due to us shall not constitute a waiver of that, or any other, right or remedy.
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    2. Liability

      We endeavor to ensure that the Website and the services available through it are available to Players as much as is reasonably possible, but we cannot and will not guarantee that:

      1. the Website will be available at any specific time or for any specific period;
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      We will use all reasonable endeavors to ensure that all draw results and Winnings provided are correct. In spite of all endeavors for warranty of the accuracy of this information, we shall have no liability for errors which are discovered only after Winnings have been paid out where the error is based on incorrect information previously published by the relevant lottery operator of that information relevant to those Winnings.

      We shall not be liable for any loss or damage that may arise from the insolvency of third parties, including any banking institution, including (without limitation) any bank with which a third party supplier maintains their accounts.