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£ 18,735,670

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What are Bundles?

Players can get an advantage by playing bundles where games are combined into one convenient package offer with different options available.

Do Bundles Save on Lotto?

You can save up to half the cost of tickets when you bundle up with the Play Ahead option, as well as saving on regular lotto.

Benefits of Buying Bundles

Lotto package perks allow you to play up to 16 weeks in advance, whilst saving on multiple games and giving peace of mind.

Different Options Available

Different bundle choices include both American and European options, with more available for every lotto lover!

Tips on How to Play Bundles

When becoming a bundle player it’s important to maximise your cost vs effect ratio, so remember to play smart, not hard.

Syndicate vs Bundle?

Bundles are one of two ways to increase your odds of winning, with added discounts, whereas Syndicates offer multiple line shares.

Increase Your Chances

Lotto bundles allow you to get the best of both worlds, with time-saving opportunities and discount choices over time! Play for up to sixteen weeks with awesome benefits!

Bundle Types & Stats

We offer exclusive bundles to our players tailored to give the best experience whilst offering the greatest lottery packages at a lower cost! Choose from our various options to find a bundle that suits your style! Play the famous North American and European bundles as well as more choices coming soon!

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Odds & Payout - How Can I Win A Prize?

Lottery Bundles allow you to play different game combinations with several options, whilst also saving money with exclusive offers and discounts! Each lotto bundle is made to be a unique and winning mix of curated and approved games, including individual bets on different games around the world. With our bundles, you can enjoy playing the game with a variety of different entries to increase your chances to win across different types of jackpots.

  • Plan Ahead with Lottery Bundles

  • Save More with Offers & Discounts

  • Never Forget to Play a Draw Again

How Do Bundles Work?

Play Euro, Dollar and Aussie selections with more ways to play!

Gaming bundles boost draw potential with advanced playing power offers.

  • What is a Bundle in Lottery Terms?

    A Lottery bundle allows a player to gain the benefits of drawing multiple games without having to play different lines separately.

  • Play in Advance and Save Your Ticket!

    Tied of having all your tickets in different places? With lotto bundles you can transform your messy desk into a clean pristine organising dream!

  • Great Discounts When You Bundle!

    Find the best of both worlds when you choose to play Bundles and save! Get rewards when you play and level up your lotto game!

  • What Bundles Are Available?

    Find your favourite games when you choose to play in Europe, Australia, North America and more with new bundles coming soon!

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