SuperEnalotto Game Rules

Game Rules - What is SuperEnalotto?

SuperEnalotto is a lottery played in Italy and also online at All The Best Lottos. SuperEnalotto has been played by Italians for almost 25 years and was first launched on 3rd December 1997 by the Sisal Group.

How to play SuperEnalotto

To play SuperEnalotto, pick 6 numbers from 1 to 90, or you can click “Generate” to randomise your numbers.

There is also an extra number known as the Jolly, which gives an additional chance to all second prize tier winners that match 5 numbers. If you match 5 numbers, plus the Jolly you will win a second-tier prize and the Jolly prize.

What is the “Jolly” number?

The Jolly number is the seventh number to be drawn in a SuperEnalotto draw and is designed to give a boost to any player that wins the second tier SuperEnalotto prize. The Jolly number cannot be chosen when picking your numbers, nor does it appear on your lottery ticket. Instead, you match it using your existing numbers when the draw results are announced.

Let’s take a recent SuperEnalotto draw result as an example of how you can win more with the Jolly number.

This result was taken from 13th March 2021:

28 - 29 - 43 - 59 - 70 - 79 + Jolly 52

Let’s say you had a ticket and were able to match 5 of those numbers. Eg, you matched:

28 - 29 - XX - 59 - 70 - 79

This means you won the second tier prize! However, if you check your numbers again, you see that there was an extra number that you didn’t check:

28 - 29 - 52 - 59 - 70 - 79 | The Jolly number!

So now, on top of your second-tier prize, you also win a whole lot more!

When is the draw for SuperEnalotto?

Draws for this game are held every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 8:00pm Central Eastern Time. The results can be viewed from 8:20pm online.

What is the current jackpot for SuperEnalotto?

The minimum jackpot for SuperEnalotto is €2 million and there is no cap! The largest SuperEnalotto jackpot ever won was a euro-record €209 million on 13th August 2019. To see the current SuperEnalotto jackpot, please see the game name above the SuperEnalotto ticket, or check out the ATBL home page.

What is the jackpot limit for SuperEnalotto?

SuperEnalotto does not have a jackpot limit or a limit on how many times the jackpot can roll over into the next draw, meaning the jackpot prize can continue to increase until all six main numbers match a single SuperEnalotto ticket.

How do I get a SuperEnalotto ticket?

To play SuperEnalotto with All The Best Lottos, simply choose your numbers or press “Generate” to let us pick for you! SuperEnalotto Tickets are provided for the Italian SuperEnalotto lottery by the sole licence of the Sisal Group. Tickets are subject to relevant draw.

How do I win SuperEnalotto?

To claim a SuperEnalotto prize, simply play your numbers, wait and check your ticket after the draw is over. If you win a small amount your account will be credited automatically by ATBL. If you win a bigger prize, our expert team will contact you directly to deliver your winnings.

About SuperEnalotto

About - Pizza, Pasta and Primo Prizes!

SuperEnalotto is an Italian-based lottery that is drawn three times a week right in the heart of Rome. This lottery has no jackpot limit, so it can reach heights higher than Mount Vesuvius! SuperEnalotto also includes a ‘Jolly’, bonus ball, which helps determine the second prize tier. Check out why SuperEnalotto is one of Italy’s most treasured traditions today!

The History of SuperEnalotto

The SuperEnalotto has a rich heritage. First envisioned over 70 years ago, 'Enalotto' is a celebrated Italian lottery that has existed since the early 1950s.

The game is rumoured to be first conceived by Florentine resident Dante Benedetti in 1949, but unfortunately, he did not have the money to patent the idea and a colleague stole the rights from under him. Little is known about Benedetti and we do not know if he died a rich or poor man.

The game name is a composition of ENAL and Lotto. ENAL stands for Ente nazionale assistenza lavoratori (the National Workers Assistance Body), the union that originally ran the Italian game.

In 1997, lottery licensee SISAL modified the 'Enalotto' lottery to create the SuperEnalotto game we know and love today.

Until 30th June 2009, all seven lotto numbers were taken from famous cities around Italy. Bari, Florence, Milan, Naples, Palermo, Rome and Venice (in that order). Venice was used to draw the "Jolly" number. The system was changed because there was a small probability that the numbers of two cities could be the same, resulting in duplicate numbers and making it impossible to win the jackpot.

The Biggest SuperEnalotto jackpot ever

After more than one year of rollovers, the biggest SuperEnalotto jackpot prize ever totalled €209,160,441 million (£179,553,044) on 13th August 2019. The winning ticket was sold at a bar in Lodi. It is the biggest European jackpot to go to a single ticket.

The second-biggest single-ticket jackpot won €177.7 million (£152.55 million) after more than 8 months of rollovers. The jackpot was split by a syndicate of 70 winners on 30th October 2010. After taxes, each person took home €2,538,986.33 (£2,175,249.97).

The third-highest single-ticket jackpot won €163,538,706 million (£140,110,075) on 27th October 2016 in Vibo Valentia after a year-long wait for the numbers to come up.

What’s the SuperEnalotto Jackpot tonight?

The minimum jackpot for SuperEnalotto is €2 million and there is no cap! The largest SuperEnalotto jackpot ever won was a euro-record €209 million on 13th August 2019. To see the current SuperEnalotto jackpot, please see the game name above the SuperEnalotto ticket, or check out the ATBL home page.

SuperEnalotto jackpots start at €2 million and increase every draw until the jackpot is won. To see the current SuperEnalotto jackpot, please see the game name above the SuperEnalotto ticket, or check out the ATBL home page.

Odds and Payout

Odds & Payout - How can I win a prize?

SuperEnalotto has six prize tiers that you win by matching the numbers on your ticket to the winning numbers drawn. You can win a prize by matching a minimum of two numbers, but you must match all six main numbers to win the jackpot, or five numbers plus the Jolly to win a second-tier prize. Below you'll find all about the different ways to win and the odds of winning.

Odds of Winning

The prize you win depends on how many of the winning numbers you match. The table below shows what you need to do to win in each tier, the odds of doing so, and the prize amounts before tax. Your overall chances of winning any SuperEnalotto prize are around 1 in 20.

The SuperEnalotto jackpot starts at €2 million and increases for every draw that it is not won. Prizes are paid as per the underlying lottery results. Only one prize category can be won per order, which will be the highest of the available prize categories achieved by, and relevant to, that order.

Jackpot category - Match 6 numbers

Approximate Odds of Winning

1 in 622,614,630

Jolly Category - Match 5 numbers + Jolly number

Approximate Odds of Winning

1 in 103,769,105

Match 5 numbers

Approximate Odds of Winning

1 in 1,250,230

Match 4 numbers

Approximate Odds of Winning

1 in 11,907

Match 3 numbers

Approximate Odds of Winning

1 in 327

Match 2 numbers

Approximate Odds of Winning

1 in 21.51

Why is SuperEnalotto taxed?

Under Italian governance and law, winnings in prize categories exceeding €500 are subject to a 20% tax. Prizes worth up to €500 are tax-free.

The current rate of 20% tax was imposed in March 2020 after an extensive review of Italian gambling taxes. Previously, the rate had been set at 12% in October 2017 for any prize exceeding €500.

How do I check my Ticket?

After the draw, the winning numbers will be announced by Sisal Sport Italia Società a Responsabilità Limitata (Italy Sport Limited Liability Company). This information will be communicated to you through our mailing list. If you have won a major prize we will contact you directly.

All results are also available on our website.

What If I've Won a Prize?

If you win a lower prize category this will be automatically credited to your AllTheBestLottos.com account. If you have won a major prize our Support team will contact you directly.

100% of any prize money you win will go directly to you.

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